The Home Stretch!


Manny being Manny

Manny being Manny

 Well, Manny didn’t get traded for Farve like he wanted too, and while the Sox ownership would have traded him for a bag of doritos just to get rid of him, they actually added a lot more than it might look from the outside.  They only added one player who might not put up as high of numbers as Manny, but it was addition by subtraction. They lost a few home runs and a little flare, but they also lost 100% of the distraction’s. After watching the last few games in the post Manny error in Boston one can’t help but notice a fresh and energized team. Even caption JasonVeritek managed to get  on base two times saturday night and at least get on base on Sunday with a walk. Not much to brag about but since that seems like more than he’s done since lastchristmas it’s a start. The teams seems to be more into the games, and the crowd seems to be back in high spirits cheering and rooting on rather than just reacting as if it were asleep until someone goes yard.   

     I can’t lie and say I won’t miss Manny a little, o.k. a whole lot! I do how ever think it was time for him to go. To go to a new team, a new city, a new atmoshere where he might give a damn. As he was going he said “the sox don’t deserve a player like me.” Well at first it brought anger to sox fan’s everywhere but as I thought about it he was right. We don’t deserve to put up with him, his bigger than the game attitude and at times his non-hustle. In fact I’m sure it made guys like Varitek sick. Not to mention guys who leave everything on the field every night like Kevin Youkilis and Dustin Pedrioa who had too look on at Manny as he seemed to duck every team’s number one pitcher. Manny was one of the best hitters in baseball, and in my opinion he was the best right handed hitter in baseball. But Enough is enough.
     So it’s time for the home stretch. The last month and a half of baseball. The best and most exciting time of the year for baseball fans across America, and for the Red Sox it seems like they made the right move at the trade deadline. For the second time since the new ownership took over they got rid of their biggest problem. The club house cancer that thought they were bigger than the game. I applaud the fact that once again Theo Epstien had enough balls and, made a move that brought the team together. The Sox seem poised to make a strong run and at least make the division interesting. We’ll see who pulls it out in the end weather it be the RedSox, Rays, or the Yanks at least I can say the Red Sox put the best team of the field they could.
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