Clashes in the Clubhouse


  After the fight between the Brewer’s Prince (I don’t eat meat) Fielder and Manny (No not that Manny) Parra took place Monday night and the Carolina Panther’s debacle with Steve Smith giving Ken Lucas an eye jammy late last week, It gives us the perfect opportunity to look at some of the all time great fights between teammates in the past. Not only is it interesting, but who doesn’t love a fight? Let’s look at the top five on my list.


     #5: Matt Garza vs. Dioner Navarro)(2008), we all know pitchers(Garza) andCather’s(Navarro) get into arguments now and again but I guess we all can’t get along as well as we should. Earlier in the year Garza and Navarro didn’t see eye to eye as Navarro started yelling and eventually shoving Garza for no apparent reason. Rumors have it Garza shook off two many pitches and Navarro wasn’t happy about it. The Rays currently lead the AL east Division over the Red Sox by 3 games.
     #4: Manny vs. Youkilis,(2008) After a brawl with Tampa Bay, Manny and Youkilis got into a shoving match in which Manny seemed to be the instigator. Youkilis threw his helmet after he struck out and Manny appeared to make a comment when Youkilis yelled something back and Manny back-handed Youk in the face. We all know how that worked out in Manny being traded for Jason Bay. We’ll see what happens, as of now both sides seem to be happy.

Zambrano pushing Michael Barret

Zambrano pushing Michael Barret

#3:  Michael Barret (Catcher) Vs.  Carlos Zambrano (pitcher) (2007) Another pitcher and catcher dispute in which Zambrano and Barret had a heated argument in the dugout which turned into  a shoving match and Zambrano was the aggressor. They eventually made nice and the Cubs won the Division in that year.

     #2:  Barry Bonds vs. Jeff Kent(2002) Bond’s and Kent have never seen eye to eye because Bond’s was a media hog and makes sure half the clubhouse is closed off and he gets what he wants. As Kent keeps his head down and puts up good numbers. Kent got sick of Bond’s big head (due to steroids and ego) and confronts and him when Bond’s shoves Kent multiple times. The Giants Won their division that year(they eventually  lost in the world series) but Kent was eventually traded.

Bill Romanowski

Bill Romanowski

  #1: #1 has to go to Bill Romanowski vs. Marcus Williams. (2004) Romanowski who later tested positive for steroids punched Williams straight in the eye. Romanowski busted Williams eye socket, and the worst part was it was on the practice field. (Roid Rage) Romanwoski wasn’t even suspended by the team because he was a good defender. Luckily for Williams the courts weren’t as nice to Romanowski and made him pay $325,000 to Williams because he could no longer see correctly. The Raiders finished dead last in the division that year going 4-12.

     A lot of fights have taken place over the years and some have motivated the teams and some have heart the teams. I’m not a big fan of fighting in the clubhouse because it’s a sign things have obviously gone wrong, but sometimes it seems to bring everyone together. Kind of like the theory that I can make fun of my family but no one else can make fun of my family approach. That is also assuming that the people involved care enough about the game they play to consider their teammates family.
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